Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah...

My love towards psychiatric problems has emerged since I was a child. I just loves story related to all psychiatric problems. Once, I wrote a short story called, "Imagination". I was planning to make it into a comic too. However, I have no talent. Haha.

Imagination is about a girl who work so hard to success that she fell into depression. She started to create an imaginary friend call "Imagination" and she later drown into the world of imagination. It ended with her mother visiting her in the psychiatric ward.

I even took mental health for my elective course in my final year.

Don't you think psychiatric/psychology is interesting? Different people has different way of interpreting life experience. One takes life obstacles as challenges that make him or her stronger. One takes it as it is the end of the world.

I want to learn psychology. I want to learn on how to talk to people who looses hope.

There's one patient in my ward. She was so depressed that her baby was diagnosed with a congenital disease and need to be warded in Neonatal ICU. The baby doctor insisted that the mother express her breast milk for the baby to feed. However, the milk wouldn't came out. She try her best with the breast pump machine while crying.

I wish I could talk to her. I wish I could comfort her and explain to her nicely regarding her condition. However, I have no idea how.

There was also a patient diagnosed with depression and was on few medications. She was undergoing a procedure. When the staffs realized about her depression they started to talk to each other. They scared of her condition. They scared if she did not take her medication and her condition might get worse.

I wish I could tell them, that's not it. That's not how it is. 

Okay, done with all the nonsense!

p/s: Bulan depan naik shif malam. Tak bestnya...Lepas tagging dengan senior untuk kali ni, kena naik shif malam sorang2. Wad tak cukup staf. Shif malam cuma sorang staff nurse dengan ward aid. Takutnya...