Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Sudden Feeling. Unbearable~

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.

Just an entry to throw out this miserable feeling. Don't bother to read. I just want to write.

Left out. Again.

The only one. Left out.

No one waited for me on my father's funeral.
No one.

Left out. Again.

Enter together, but, I was left out. Stupidity.
Stay behind.

Left out. Like forever.

The only one left, not being employed.

People are stepping farther and farther away. Reaching their dream. While I'm still here.

Dreaming in a daylight.

The only one, left out. Always and forever?

I don't care if you people think I'm awful. Write through my feeling like it mater. 

I don't care anymore.  

p/s: Trying the best to hide this awful, full of sorrow and sadness face. I know my face change. I could feel it. But I hope no one notice. Hate being left out like I'm a total loser. 

Oh, God. Forgive me when I'm whine. I just...huh..

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Selamber Adap Jer said...

la la la.. translate tara ka? ish...