Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Photo Contest - Cuba2 jak nih.


adeh. macam mana la boleh tak perasan syarat2 photo contest nih...

aku join photo contest kat sini..

haha.. tak tau dan ke tak dan ni. hari ni tarikh akhir.. tema die "I Hope..."


My first photo contest will be simple, and i am so looking forwards you all's talent and creativity.. I will give a theme of a picture and you will snap a photo that express the theme.. (put your watermark to approve that is your own capture.. ;))

The theme will be :

(either specifically yours or general.. ;)

Rules of the entry :

1. The contest is open for My Life. followers only.. :) (if you are interested to join, do follow k?)
2. Post an entry about this photo contest.
3. The picture must be your own picture k..
3. Put the contest banner (above) at your blog's sidebar and link it to this entry.
4. Leave your link to the entry at this post's comment box.
5. Tag at least 3 friends and notify them about the contest ;)

The prize will be RM10 ! :D

the contest will be end at 13th March 2011.

I am so excited to see your creativity.. Show me your best k?


All the best !

p/s : the participants name list will be updated time by time.. :)"

Title: I Hope There Is No Pollution I

Title: I Hope There Is No Pollution II


eezance said...


thanks sudi join.. :)


all the best!

.................cP~ said...

waalaikumsalam.. the best I wish too..hehe..

eezance said...
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eezance said...


cp, maaf.. ada 2 syarat x cukup lagi..

1) tag 3 org
2) letak banner photo contest & link ke blog sy..

tq~ :)

.................cP~ said...

okaih...xperasan pulak..maaf deh..