Friday, March 2, 2012

Decision Making - Think!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah..

I just got a call from someone from a private college. There's a one month course - like a preparation course and lil bit of grooming, management and communication skill- for fresh graduate.

Fully sponsored by the government in order to help the fresh graduate nurses to get a job. Lack of communication skill? Me? Maybe yes but I don't think that is the reason of my unemployment. Haha. Hostel is provided, LRT pass is free and if I finished the one month course, RM500 will be in my hand. blink..

Near the end of the course, they will call few hospitals to have us for an interview too.

The class will start on Monday. Yup, next Monday and I have to be there before 8.30am.

I'm still waiting for Pantai Hospital to call me is I were to be offered for the nurse position or not. But, the madam from the private college said that if I've been in the course for few weeks, they will write a letter to allow me finishing the course first. Maybe they will persuade the hospital that this course will be an advantage for an employee.

Well, my mom said nothing. I feel like going.

Poor me, the one of the only two students from Nursing Department, UKM whom still unemployed and people pay me to improve myself just to make sure an institution will hire me. Errr..

p/s: Aku insan biasa...lalala


cik misi said...

usaha yang baik oleh pihak kerajaan... sudah namapak keprihatinan di situ.. gud luck cp

Yana Libra said...

good luck jugak ye bakal nurse~ :)

nazira said...


saya tak tipu.... said...

go go girl..........

Cik Atien said...

insyaallah, rezeki awak akan datang jugak. :)

O CIKTEDDY said...

all the best! insyaAllah..

Iffah Afeefah said...

Knp ley jd gitu eh

xpe g je belaja