Friday, July 6, 2012

Going Out!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

I'm going out! And I'm not alone today. I'm going out with a friend from uni. Never went out together yet since I start working.


Loner? Yeah. I'm a bit of loner that I get so excited of going out with a friend. Who care?

I wish I could enjoy and have a little bit of fun. Forget about work!

p/s: When it comes to holiday, you just feel like having a holiday forever. Don't want to go to work anymore. Haha.


Cik Nur said...

selamat bercuti..manfaatkan cuti cp sebaik mungkin ye..!

Hidayah Maznan said...

yaaa betul2 cp.. manfaatkan cuti sebaiknya.. hanging out wit friends mmg boleh kurangkan bnyk stress keje.. my friends yg dah keje salu kata jgn nak hang out ngan friends nak cuti pun susah.. hmm wat to do ..

Anonymous said...

do take care (=

pha is said...

pergh.. exited giler.. hehehe

Chic Na said...

have fun cP. ;)

Che Rosliza Che mat said...

selamat bercuti..manfaatkan cuti cp sebaik mungkin ye..!Good Luck dear.