Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some things are better kept silent~


Ok. This is an English entry. I'm not good in English but when my mood is in the line (exaggerating..) my mind would automatically switch into English mode. Why? Because the mood, in English would not give high impact. As example: when I say " Aku benci kau!" vs " I hate you!", "I hate you!" it doesn't feel like I hate the person so much. Ok. Enough with all the rubbish.

I'm writing this because i feel annoyed when people talk things that I believe to be better kept in silent. Well, you see. I don't really like the smell of Durian. Yeah, I get irritated of the smell somehow. But, I can;t possibly says, Durian smells bad right? How would you feel when I say that the fruit you love the most smells bad??

Oh. Certain people just say things without being concern over anythings. It's not that I'm saying I'm being good and tolerate to people, but I believe there things that better kept silent, right? What's the point of bragging about things that you can do nothing to change it?

Just because I can't tolerate the smells of Durian, I don't have right to prevent my family to eat Durian and bring them into the house. This is common sense! Grr.. I guess certain people just think about themselves. Hello, the world does not circle just around you!

Hate when I get mad. This is not fun at all, being mad. Grr.. Annoyed!


senyumSOYA said...

yup~ sometimes things are better kept silent~
simpan kedap2~
x yah gtau2~ (^^~

pencari cinta said...

CP...xmo tension2 erk? nanti ko xde mood nak edit gmbar...hehe..aku xkreatif r nak tlg support dri belakang boleh je kot

.........cP~ said...

huhu. aku memang belum ada mood nak edit la. "ter" geram je oya.. aku ingat dah boleh relax2. tiba2 kena pulak. grr..

cik misi said...

aiyok! sape bikin cp marah neh? jaga-jaga...kang dia ngamok. count down ckin, calm down...