Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fear of Rejection~

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.

Wow, English day! Haha. With my low level English, I would like to talk about this thing so called fear of rejection. It's just pop out of my mind because of an entry by a certain someone, whom I think better be kept in secret.

Certain people close their doors to others. They feel that it is the best way to protect themselves. They might said that they just don't want to hurt anybody or they are protecting themselves as per say. However, fear of rejection can be the cause.

Because of something that happened in the past, they feel like they are not worth to be with. They are protecting their selves as they fear being abandoned in the future so, they end up not starting any relationship.

In connective behavioral therapy, the therapist would help in order to change the way of this kind of people think. They believe that the way we think will affect the way we act and how people react to us.


Miss A saw a very nice gentleman and think, "He's so handsome and nice. But, I guess he will not look at me at all."

The result would be, she avoid the nice gentleman and he miss the chance to meet her.

Or it could be, she make a face as she look at him, and he would feel the negative aura written on her face.

If she was able to think rationally," He's so handsome. He might not look at me but there's no prove he will not. Maybe I should just walk naturally."

The result, the man might see her and only God knows what will happen. She already grabbed the chance!

So, fear of rejection sometimes haunt you a for a very long time that you end up feel miserable and pathetic. But, cheer up! When the time comes, you would see that the future is so bright if you want it to be to.

When God close a door for you, he is opening another one that is much much better for you to enter.

p/s: Kawan aku cakap, "Mungkin kau tak dapat kerja sekarang ni, sebab Allah nak kasi kerja yang lebih baik untuk kau."
 Dan seorang kawan lain cakap, "when God close a door, he will open another window for us, believe it"


Eza Boom Boom :) said...

always believe on your ability. Luck is unexpected. So, never judge it negatively.

Deru Ombak said...

Morning dear,,

Self-esteemed and confident in self are too important in life. I don't say u shud go over confident but to believe in youself positively with an efforts, and never give up, would bring a fruitful result.

Wish u gud luck in all your endeavour. Put HIM above all always..

FasiHaH SupiaN said...

"when God close a door, he will open another window for us believe it"

so truee

YaYaNsMuM said...

Always think positive,dear....the aura will transform you to the strongest person, who is not fear of any rejections in their life!(^_^)