Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I miss you too~


It was a long time ago. We were friends. We never met each others' eyes but we were attached with an invisible string. We laughed and cried sometimes. However, the happiness couldn't last long.

I always blame myself. I believe that it was all my fault. The forgiveness is not easy to be obtained.

Last night, I had a chat with her (one of two). She was a victim of my fight with the other. I believe so. She's okay. She always is.

I miss you all. Even you. I hope you are fine and be healthy.

p/s: anak buah duk main kaki. "Ngempeng" aje. (Forgive my English- lama tak guna)


YAYA AZURA said...

Ok la least berani nk taip in english..kalau akak la..setakat taip je..publishnya tidak..dah berkarat dah otak nie....hehehe

Iffah Afeefah said...

Wah bi tu

tobat tak reti

.........cP~ said...

Haha. BI cam budak darjah 1.