Saturday, July 14, 2012


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah..

It's 0000 Hour.

The light is off. It's only me and my lappy. The only noise I hear is the fan in it's fullest. A little bit hot this night. Or maybe it's because of the warm water I drank.

A very lonely feeling.

Usually I just feel tense, but tonight, the feeling is different. A sorrow. It feels like you are really alone.

Thinking about the future while the past chained to your feet. How will the life turned to? How will I turned to?

Who am I gonna be? Who am I gonna see? The main question is, who am I wanna be?

A question mark that I will never able to answer.  Till now, I just couldn't see it. I can't even read my own desire. It's confusing. What I want?

Lately, it's growing bigger, the question mark. It's all over everything I'm about to do. Even writing this make another question mark. Why am I writing this? What am I trying to say?

There's something. I keep as a secret. To tell part of the truth, part of the misery, it feels good.

p/s: Only God knows and even some people do know, they will never understand. It's only me and Him. Oh, show me Your way.

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