Thursday, February 16, 2012

The secret that burried you deep under the ground~

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.

Do you have a secret? I do. Maybe I have lots of them. Countless.

Certain secret are meant to be a secret, and certain secret are just a temporary one so that it would surprise everyone. Funny statement?

Do you know how it feels when you feel like telling the whole world your secret so it won't be so much a burden to you, as the pain is excruciating your soul? I'm feeling it now.



I do have certain someone whom I told most of the secret, but, that particular person seems like no longer available for me. Another commitment in life.

If only the secret could be told just to anyone. But, I know it is a no way fact. The secret should and supposed to be kept a secret.

I'm tired.

Especially these days that I'm stuck in this little home of mine. Not mine at all, I guess. Too many people, too many voices. A chaos.

I'm worried of so many things. Job? That is only one of it, but a bigger issue is haunting my mind, my soul and my energy. Yes, my energy is slowly absorbed by all the worries.

My faith?

I'm trying my best. Read, refer and reciting. I need to save this faith, the only thing I have to survive.

p/s: Teringin ke suatu tempat, tapi, aku berada di antara dua.


Nyue said...

huhuh..igt plak zmm2 kecik..tulis rahsia dlm kertas & tanam dl tnh..huh

YaYaNsMuM said...

Buat solat istikharah, minta petunjuk Allah...buat solat hajat, minta Dia kabulkan permintaan mu dear..:)

Lady Windsor said...

back to the basic..kalau kita memohon kepadaNYA, DIA akan bagi yang terbaik...jadi usah berputus strong dear!

:: Cik Nur :: said...

bykkan berdoa ye...jgn mudah putus asa..ingat.. :)

Teenager Housemaid said...

is it cp means nurul asyikin?

thank u so much for the song,:') saya dah dengar and sangat terharu...

yeah, i have secrets. and i can understand ur feeling walau situasi kita berbeza. but like u said, sakitnya sama kan?

a shoulder to cry on - tommy page
for you..:)

be strong.. coz u r strong..:)

Iffah Afeefah said...

sy de rahsia

sbb tu sy suke diam

takut rasie tbngkar

tpi tak salahkan kalau sy berahsia?